because of you

you took me in your arms

broken and lost

you didn’t feed me endless complements

you fed me reality

you let me know that this world is not kind to the softer of hearts,

that people pleasing is futile,

that, no matter how warm, close knit, and supportive your social circle is,

at the end of the day, all you have is yourself.

you taught me not to depend on people so much.

you took a withering wallflower,

and created an oak tree,

resilient, strong, and wise.


you held my hand through the storm

and you slowly, with time, let go of the stabilisers

i do not need to be handled with care anymore.

the metamorphosis is complete


see, i used to think i would be nothing with out you

because you taught me all i know.

but, what i meant to say is

i am everything i wanted to be

because of you.


thank you.


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